A Decision Support System for Indian Urban Air Quality Management

Field Data Field Data
Emission Factor Emission Factor
Baseline EI Baseline EI


Future Projection

Control Strategy Control Strategy

Emission Inventory
Monitoring Station Monitoring Station
AQ Analysis
AQ Analysis
Air Quality Monitoring
Meteorological Data Meteorological Data
Impact Analysis Impact Analysis
Reports Reports
Urban Air Quality Management Plans Urban Air Quality Management Plans
Maps Maps
Graphs Graphs
Relative Contribution of different sources Relative Contribution of different sources
Source Profile Source Profile
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The UrbAirIndia is an integrated web based GIS enabled system for Indian urban air quality management. It provides science based decision for reduction of air pollution. It is an expert system that deals with various components of air quality management viz. air quality monitoring, emission inventory, dispersion and receptor modeling, and multiple scenario analysis.

The system combines air quality monitoring data of user defined campaigns/Projects, emission inventory, query mechanism for data analysis and future scenarios, dispersion and receptor modeling with plug-play facility using GIS platform.